District Assessment Schedule

  • Key:

    • Number of Testing Administrations in the District refers to the number of times a particular assessment will be offered during the school year.

    • Testing Mode refers to how the assessment will be administered to students. The two modes are computer-based and paper-and-pencil. Some computer-based assessments allow students to take the assessment using paper and pencil. Be sure to inquire about the options if your child has a medical issue that would not allow them to take the assessment on the computer.

    • Testing Time is the maximum amount of time allotted to students to complete the assessment. Most students finish well in advance of the allotted time.

    • Testing Window is the period of time in which districts administer the assessment. It is not the actual number of days it takes a student to complete the assessment. School districts can choose the specific days within the window to administer the test. Please inquire with your district about the exact testing dates of the assessment.

    • Results Available refers to the date districts receive individualized student results from the assessment. These results should be distributed to students, educators, and families as soon as possible.