• The Gloucester City School District Curriculum Team is led by Dr. Kimberley Chiodi. She has taught at both the elementary and high school levels. Members of the team include instructional supervisors from a wide range of content areas. All supervisors have classroom teaching experience and have participated in extensive training. The goal of the Curriculum Team is to promote an educational environment that fosters high quality instruction and thereby promotes student learning.

    The Curriculum and Instruction webpage is designed to support Gloucester City School District students, parents, and educators.  Our goals include: 

    • Focusing our educational community on student learning.
    • Implementing effective instructional practices that promote higher levels of achievement for all students.
    • Adopting high expectations for all students.
    • Assessing and evaluating data in order to inform instruction and decision making.


    Gloucester City School District Remote Plan (Incase of emergency only. This is not for snow days or student illness)


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