Principal's Message

  • On behalf of the administration, faculty and staff, I welcome you to the 2022-2023 school year at Gloucester High School. Whether you are a returning student, a freshman, or a transfer student, I encourage you to review the contents of this handbook since there have been some changes in procedures from previous years.

    Gloucester High School continues to build upon its tradition of excellence. This tradition has been built by a student body, faculty, parents, and community who have endless pride in our school. Our school’s vision steadfastly remains:

    “Gloucester High School, in partnership with students, families, and our community, sets high expectations for our performance and instills pride in our achievements, developing responsible citizens and a commitment to lifelong learning.”

    All students must understand and embrace the desired destination of becoming a “responsible citizen.” Responsible citizens act in kind and compassionate ways to others. They make informed decisions about their actions, and they do so with the understanding that their actions have consequences. Responsible citizens demonstrate pride in both their school and community. They have unique goals that align to their callings in life and pursue those goals passionately as they surround themselves with individuals who will support their pursuit. We encourage all students to review our rules and procedures in order to make decisions accordingly. Our school and the world beyond is better when each of us functions as a responsible citizen.

    Development of individuals into responsible citizens truly “takes a village.” We urge parents to review all of the information this handbook contains, and encourage you to reach out to us at (856) 456-7000 any time that you need our support. Understand that there is no distance between your child’s success and our staff’s success; they are inseparable from the moment that a student enrolls in our high school, throughout the ensuing four years, and well beyond. We hope to feel your presence throughout the upcoming year at our conferences, information & support sessions, awards ceremonies, and athletic & extra-curricular events.

    In closing, I would like to wish each and every student and family a successful school year. I can assure you of two things. We will care about you enough to hold the highest of expectations of all students. The four years of high school will go very fast - make the most of them.

    In Partnership,
    Sean P. Gorman