Facilities Usage Guidelines

    1. Entry and exit should take place through the designated doors of the district school being utilized.

    2. When the school district is not permitting a student on the school campus, the approved organization must ensure that this is adhered to.  For example, students on suspension and those identified as “close contacts” to be excluded from school are not permitted on school grounds for any reason until the school district approves of this.
    3. Concessions can not leave the cafeteria area.

    4. Parents and guardians should remain seated in the designated seating areas for the specific activity.  Siblings who are not participating in the practice or game should remain under the supervision of their parent or guardian in the authorized areas of the building.

    5. Approved organizations are responsible for the secure and orderly supervision of any area that they are granted the use of.

    6. Specific restrooms will be designated for the use of the organization.

    7. All trash should be thrown out at the end of the activity by the approved organization.  The area of usage should be left organized in the way that it was prior to usage.

    8. The approved organization should have an emergency plan in place to include but not limited to participant injury, emergency evacuation, and contact with the local authorities.

    9. Any issues should be immediately reported to the Facilities Manager at each building:

      1. GHS - Chris Kusmanick

      2. GMS - Lauren Muldoon

      3. CSS - Kevin Biehl


    Note:  Any non-compliance with these rules could result in the suspension of your organization’s permission to utilize our school district facilities.


    Facilities Director, Matthew Remchuk

    Email: mremchuk@gcsd.k12.nj.us

    (856)456-7000 ext. 1815