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Day One Arrival

The 2022-2023 school year begins September 6th, 2022 for ALL STUDENTS Preschool through - 3rd grade

Helpful Tips for Navigating Day 1

If you are dropping off students from grade K to 3 in the back of the building (car drop off) Have your kids unbuckle and scoot out of the car to the building side of the drop off lane- This will just speed up the process for all our families

* If you are escorting students to the main doors of CSS (grades K-3) We open doors at 8:15. If taking pictures try to have them completed before doors open.

* Pre-K arrival and dismissal happen completely separately from the other students at CSS school. If you need child care before or after school please contact KIDS CHOICE. (See link at bottom of newsletter) Pre-k doors open at 8:40 on the early childhood side of the building. Our Pre-k orientation is scheduled for September 1st and will definitely help to reduce tears on the 1st day of school!!

* Lunch Forms- If you can get them back to school by day one that is a huge help! We will send out letters about breakfast. We will be serving breakfast in all classrooms from Pre-k to grade 3. If you do not qualify for free or reduced meals and do not want your child to purchase breakfast you will be able to notify the teacher. ( Information will be forth coming)