The following page has been set up to house information about Gloucester City School Districts response to this Coronavirus emerging situation.  Since the circumstances around the spread of Coronavirus are ever-changing, we will continue to update this page with any new resources that we might be able to provide.  Any urgent information or significant developments surrounding this issue will continue to be communicated here, through email, and texts. 


Student Absence Form
Student Vaccination Survey

Find locations to get COVID-19 tested

Gloucester City Marina Testing
No Appointment Needed, Monday -Friday 9AM-5PM


Safe to Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Service Plan

Camden County Department of Health (DOH) Information
Covid-19 Activity Level Index (CALI) Weekly Reports
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Camden County COVID Testing Sites
Department of Health, Camden County - Dashboard

**Updated NJDOH Travel and Mask Clarifications**

The Road Back - The Road Forward Committee Information

Virtual Broadcasts

Lions Family Resources:
Nurses Corner - Testing and Treatment
Nurse Health & Safety Spotlights
Parent Guidelines
Mental and Emotional Resources
NJ Help Hotlines
Family Essential Assistance
Health Resources
State of New Jersey's Covid-19 Information Hub

Athletic Updates:
01-12-21 NJDOH Administrative Order 2020-25
12-11-20 Return to Play - Season 4 Update

11-19-20 Return to Play - Season 2 and Season 3 Update 

Parent Spectator Notice 09-25-20
NJSIAA - 08-21-20

Modified Grading Procedures

Useful links:
How to opt in for district text messages?

Information about receiving text messages from the school district
Información para recibir mensajes de texto del distrito escolar

Center for Disease Control
New Jersey Department of Health
Department of Education
Comcast Offer - Staying Connected
Emergency Response Resource Directory

Special Education and Related Services:
Speech & Counseling Services - Consent Letter

Administration Contacts:

Name School Phone Email
Crag Speechley Cold Springs Principal X3152 [email protected]
Kate Kearney Cold Springs Assistant Principal X3248 [email protected]
Joe DiPatri Cold Springs Assistant Principal X3154  [email protected]
Bill O'Kane Director of Early Childhood X3261  [email protected]
Donna Lacovara Middle School Principal X4009  [email protected]
Shane McNichols Middle School Assistant Principal X4041  [email protected]
Kasey Bobo Middle School Assistant Principal X4053  [email protected]
Donna Lacovara High School Principal X1513 [email protected]
Sarah Finley High School Assistant Principal X1512  [email protected]
Rob Bryan Athletic Director X1506  [email protected]
Caley Loughlin Director of Technology X1542  [email protected]
Dr. Kim Chiodi Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum x1703 [email protected]
Eliza Rawley Director of Special Services X2168  [email protected]
Sean Gorman Superintendent X2188 [email protected]