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Magellan Bulletin - January Member Momentum Engagement Campaign and Webinar

Coping with change

The year 2020 may have introduced more changes into the lives of Americans than ever before. Just when you’ve adapted to something new (such as working/studying at home), things change again. If you’ve struggled with handling changes, try making use of basic change management strategies. Learn more in this month’s newsletter.

January 2021 - Member Newsletter
Setting and Reaching Goals
Setting and Reaching Goals - Spanish
National Get Organized Month
National Get Organized Month - Spanish
Coping with Change
Coping with Change - Spanish

Monthly Webinar

Challenges of a Post-Quarantine Workplace: Adapting to the “Next Normal” │ Wednesday, January 13

Join this webinar to:

  1. Gain an understanding of where we’ve been and its effect on us
  2. Discuss practical coping and adaptation practices
  3. Receive information on helpful skills and practices for successful transitions

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